Kids on Wheels Durham

Safe, Reliable, Caring and Personalized Transportation for Kids, Seniors in Durham

KIDS & SENIORS ON WHEELS: A private transportation service for children, youth, kids with special needs and abilities as well as seniors, that caters to Ajax/Pickering/Whitby and all the Durham region.

on April 20, 2013



Please advise your children, no matter how old they are, whether, they are toddlers, high school students or university students, please, alert them of the danger of strangers lurking around and observing their every move. If they need to walk home from lunch, advise them not to go alone but with a friend. Children are naïve and innocent but very smart to understand if they are taught in a correct manner, to be alert of their surroundings and even though it s cynical to ask them not trust anyone, instill wisdom in them, pray for them and teach them how to pray as they go about their day.

This week alone, there were 3 attempts of assault with a knife, a kidnap and 2 men lurking and watching every move of the children in my own daughter’s school, in Ajax.

I do pray that God will protect our children and keep them safe and in perfect peace. AMEN!


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