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Arthur Augustine

on October 20, 2014



Arthur Augustine is a teacher, trainer, facilitator and certified Mediator who has worked in the area of negotiation and mediation on behalf of the Ontario court of Justice. He is also the architect of Street Mediation a mediation model design to reduce crime.
Mr. Augustine is the proud owner of Arthur’s Hair Design, one of the longest running salons in Durham.
He has lived in The Durham Region since 1985 and is concerned that the region’s political representation is not keeping pace with the changing face of residents.
The demographic of Durham Region has changed dramatically in the last ten years; Mr. Augustine believes that there is a pressing need for more visible ethnic representation, a time for change. His priorities includes tackling important matters such as:

• High youth unemployment rate in the region
• Attracting industries, create good-paying and sustainable jobs
• Affordable seniors homes
• Improve transportation
• High incidents of drug trafficking in Durham
Mr. Augustine has been an active community volunteer including mentoring youths, founder and chairman of Durham Caribbean Resource Center. He is the current chairman of The Aids Committee of Durham Region (BACCO) and sits on various boards across the Region.
Mr. Augustine seeks your support in being Durham’s first elected Regional Chairman.


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