Kids on Wheels Durham

Safe, Reliable, Caring and Personalized Transportation for Kids, Seniors in Durham


Here on this page, Kids on Wheels will post feedback and testimonials from parents or guardians of the children we drive.  If you have a comment we’d love to hear it.


A testimonial from Dr. Noel Shen, D.M.D., Parkway Dental.

“Angie Papas had a wonderful and overdue idea to provide a service that is very much needed in the Durham Region where transportation is limited and many families have both parents working.

Kids on Wheels / Seniors on Wheels will not only benefit me and my family as I will be using this service for my children when needed but I will also advertise it to my parents, especially since there are many appointments missed due to lack of transportation.”

* * *

A testimonial from Ms. Nimo Hussein, mother of Nasser.

I am writing to say you really have done a fantastic job on training your drivers.

Last week your driver Kat dropped off a note for me about an incident that happened at school. The note described how Nasser was covered in mud because he had been allowed to play in the wet school yard. Nasser always carries a change of clothing in his school bag, so when he got himself soaked in mud, the teachers should have changed him into dry clothes. This hadn’t happened, and he stayed wet and muddy for some of the day.

I had arrived home from work quite late in the evening that day, and left very early the next morning, without talking to the kids or their nanny; if it wasn’t for that note from Kat I wouldn’t have known anything was amiss.

Thank you so much for doing more than driving my child to and from school.

* * *

A Testimonial from Ms Michaela Allore, parent of a daughter who attends Helping Hands Daycare in Whitby.

Kids on Wheels is an excellent and reliable service and my first choice in transportation for my daughter to school. The drivers are wonderful in ensuring that she arrives and leaves school on time.  Angie, the CEO and founder, is a pleasure to deal with and even took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us before my daughter’s first day so she would feel comfortable. It’s the little things that make this company great!

* * *

A testimonial from Aisha Francis, whose two youngest children Daveisha and Prince are Kids on Wheels regulars.

Kids on Wheels has been a wonderful blessing to my children and I. It is one thing for me to feel confident that the person (or company) transporting my children is safe, responsible and dependable; but when my children also feel and are excited to be on their way every day, that is a true testament to the heart of Kids on Wheels.

Kids on Wheels is all about one mother ensuring that another mother can have a peace of mind as your children are taken to their destination… and your children are treated like their very own. Kids on Wheels was there to meet my need. They have proven to be more than just a reliable transportation service… they are a company with heart, caring and nurturing my children as they drive them safely where they need to go. Besides myself, I can confidently say they are my first choice.

* * *

A testimonial from Francine Williams, mother of 2 year old Olivia Williams.

Thanks to Kids on Wheels, I am able to work in the morning without the worries of how to take my child to daycare so early in the morning. It’s good to have someone who can work with your needs. I thank God for Kids on Wheels!

* * *

A testimonial from The Rev. Fredrica Walters, Pastor, Faith Family Church.

“I have known Angie Papas for approximately seven years. She is an efficient and conscientious individual that I know will do well as she ventures out as an entrepreneur.

Faith Family Church operates a daycare and after-school program that transports children from various schools in the area. We will be willing to hire her service, Kids on Wheels, to pick up and drop off the children from Monday to Fridays weekly.”

* * *


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